Technical assistance

All the answers to your technical questions

Decoder and Installation

Check that the decoder is supplied with electricity (working plug)

If you have a problem with your equipment, bring it back to the point of sale so that it can be tested and exchanged if necessary.

We recommend that you do not tamper with your installation.

If you encounter reception problems after the bad weather, contact a Distributor.

Pictures and Sound

Prolonged non-use of a set-top box may disable access rights. Indeed, the rights are sent with the images. The rights are stored in the smart card of the decoder.

Make sure that your subscription has not expired. If this is not the case, contact your Distributor.

If after the reactivation, your HD decoder does not activate, go to your Distributor to exchange your HD decoder.

First of all, we advise you to check that:
- The missing chains are part of your formula.
- In the list of chains, you have not locked any chains (sign with a padlock). If this is the case, position yourself on the channel in question, and unlock it by pressing the lock/unlock key (key with the padlock). You will then have to enter the parent code. 
- There is a message on your TV screen related to a subscription fee problem ("subscription not activated"" or ""missing channels""), make sure that your subscription has not expired. If this is not the case, contact your Distributor.   
- There is a message on your TV screen related to a reception problem, contact an approved installer.

Disconnect and reconnect your decoder electrically and check that the connectors (scart, HDMI cable...) are well connected. If the problem persists, we advise you to go to your Distributor.

The maintenance of the installation which allows the reception of the hertzian and parabolic images is ensured by your Syndic.
He alone can call upon a qualified antennae specialist.

We advise you to contact your Syndic very quickly, because we are not authorized to intervene directly on a collective antenna.

Disconnect and reconnect your set-top box electrically and check if you can change channels with the front panel buttons :

If it works, change the batteries in the remote control.
If this does not work, we recommend that you take your set-top box to the Service Department of your Distributor.
If, despite changing the batteries, the problem persists, purchase a new remote control from your Distributor.

First make sure it is not a radio station. If it is not, electrically unplug and replug the decoder.

Also check the connection of your SCART or RCA or HDMI jack to the terminal and/or set-top box.

If images appear and disappear, change the cord. If you still do not get any images, we recommend that you contact your Distributor or have an approved technician come to you.

This is certainly due to your installation. To check your installation, contact the after-sales service of your distributor.