My subscription

Useful information to manage your online subscription (Renewal, mobile payment...)

Personal Informations

To change your email address, please contact BRUH INTERTAINEMENT.

Offer and subscription

If you want to change your subscription, contact customer service or go to a point of sale.

Mobile Payment / Mobile Banking

The re-subscription number is used for any re-subscription via mobile payment. This number can be found:

- On the 2 labels stuck under the decoder and on the packaging box
- On your TV screen:

1 - By going to the MENU of the decoder then to the entry MY SUBSCRIPTION

2 - By directly pressing the button at the top right of the remote control (quick access to MY SUBSCRIPTION)

You can also contact a Distributor, or call BRUH customer service.

Yes for most operators. The last card or subscription numbers used to re-subscribe in mobile payment are therefore automatically saved.

You must be a subscriber and have an account with the mobile payment operator.

Yes, with mobile payment, you can re-subscribe identically or change your offer depending on the operator chosen.

We invite you to contact BRUH Customer Service.